Microchip saves a life!

Although Independence Day is a time of celebration for our nation, it can be quite scary for dogs that do not understand the bright lights and loud booms.  Pets can panic and do things they would not normally do.  We know of two dogs that did exactly that this past 4th of July.  Fortunately, both were reunited with their owners, but the stories could have had tragic endings instead.

In one case, Bo, an adult German Shepherd, escaped his yard, ran loose, and ended up in a drain pipe, very frightened.  Fortunately, the person who found him was able to take him to a local shelter, where he was later found by his owner and returned home.  Imagine if no one had made the effort to take him to the Rescue site.  In the other case, Bella also escaped, traveled at LEAST 3 miles, and was found by someone who noticed her Save This Life microchip tag.  The Good Samaritan Google searched the tag number, Bella’s owners were notified right away, and the family was happily reunited in less than 24 hours.

Pets can easily become separated from their owners, for many reasons.  Having a microchip put in your pet ahead of time literally can SAVE HIS LIFE!  And, give you some peace of mind, knowing you can be notified when your pet is found.



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