Welcome to our Veterinary Care Blog!

Thanks for checking out our new Blog!  We look forward to bringing you new ideas and information on pet care, and how to best take care of your fur-babies!  We also look forward to hearing from you, and welcome your comments, questions about our veterinarians or vet services, or ideas for topics that interest you.

Since it’s summer, and lots of you are traveling for vacations, we’ll start here…

Q: What should I consider when deciding to travel with my pet?

A: Your pet’s comfort.

1.  If your pet doesn’t travel well (whether for medical or temperament reasons), consider instead having a pet- sitter at home, or board your pet at a reliable facility. A mild sedative may help an anxious traveler.

2.  Be sure your pet has an ID tag and a microchip, and that all information is current.

3.  Update your pet’s vaccinations and flea protection. You will need a health certificate (signed by a veterinarian) if you are traveling across international (and some state) borders.

4.  Check ahead and be sure that pets are allowed and welcomed wherever you are staying. Take a portable kennel and use it when you leave your pet unattended. If you leave your pet in a hotel room, be sure  management knows how to reach you, and put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

5.  Always clean up after your pet! Those who don’t spoil it for everyone else.

Safe travels, all!                                           


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